If you’re wondering how to write the UGA supplemental essay, this is your chance to show your personality and show off your natural voice. While it’s perfectly fine to use poetic metaphors and jokes, you shouldn’t break grammar rules. Aside from that, the UGA supplemental essay only has 350 words, so be concise and focused. If you find that you’ve gone over that word limit, trim it by removing unneeded passages and focusing on your main point.

Highlights of your personality

The UGA supplemental essay is your chance to showcase your unique personality and voice. This is your opportunity to let your true personality shine through, and it’s perfectly acceptable to break grammar rules and use poetic metaphors. However, keep in mind that you only have 350 words to work with, so be concise. If you exceed this word count, you can always delete unnecessary passages. If you’re not sure how to write your essay, you can hire someone to do it for you.

Highlights of your academic record

If you’re looking to gain admission to the University of Georgia, you should write a personal essay as part of your Common App or Coalition application. While the Common App has changed one of its essay prompts, the UGA supplemental essay is still the same. The question is the same: “What makes you unique and passionate about the University of Georgia?” It’s a good idea to keep in mind that the UGA supplemental essay should include at least 200 words.

Highlights of your extracurricular activities

When you are applying to colleges, the application essays can seem like a never-ending list of information, from your extracurricular activities to your class schedule to your major. Fortunately, the University of Georgia recognizes this anxiety and has created a supplemental essay prompt that is easy to answer. This essay can help you shine above the competition while demonstrating your passion for your chosen college. Highlights of your extracurricular activities for the UGA supplemental essay will provide your admission committee with a better idea of who you are and why they should choose you over another applicant.

Highlights of your hobbies

A highlight of your hobbies can include any activity, sport, or skill you love. Often, leadership roles or community outreach activities take up the majority of time outside of class. Some students even pursue passion projects during their free time that are related to their academic interests. For example, a STEM student may love to learn new languages. A student who enjoys crossword puzzles may write about this interest in his/her supplemental essay.

Highlights of your career goals

In a highlight of your career goals for the UGa supplemental essay, you should be specific and explain why you want to study at UGA. You can also include your role in the local 4H club and your efforts to learn more about agricultural economics. Highlighting your experiences in these areas will give you a leg up over the other applicants. You should write vividly and use examples from your life to support your points.

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