The first paragraph of your essay should begin by presenting a general overview of your topic. Then, introduce your thesis statement or purpose statement. As you write, work your way down from this general topic into a more specific argument. Each sentence should narrow your topic and provide context for your argument. A graphic illustrating the structure of a first paragraph is shown below. Read it over to learn how to write an effective introduction paragraph.

Introduction paragraphs are the first paragraph of an essay

An introduction is the first paragraph of an essay. This paragraph serves the same purpose as a topic sentence for each paragraph of an essay. It informs the reader of the topic of the paragraph and lays out how the topic will be developed. An introduction can consist of one or two paragraphs, which introduce the topic of the essay. It should also contain a thesis statement, which should state the overall purpose and plan of the essay.

Transitioning from the first paragraph to the second paragraph

The second paragraph begins with an introductory statement that briefly summarizes your main idea and makes it clear why you’ve chosen to write this particular paragraph. Then, you explain your reasoning, citing evidence to support your claims. The last sentence of the paragraph can serve as a good transition point as well. Here are some helpful tips for smoothing out this transition. The transition is also a great place to add relationship words.

Transitioning from a one-sentence paragraph to a body paragraph

There are several different ways to transition from a one-sentence paragraph to the body of an essay. Often, the way a transition is constructed depends on the organization of the paper. When transitioning from a one-sentence paragraph to a body paragraph, writers use a topic sentence or keywords from the thesis to establish a connection with the topic sentence.

Transitioning from a topic sentence to a thesis statement

When transitioning from a topic sentence to a full thesis statement, it’s helpful to understand which point you’re making. The first paragraph should focus on making that point, and the second paragraph should be focused on making one subpoint of that point. Use sentence starters to illustrate the relationship between the two. You can also use a transition word to indicate a change in topic or the shift from one idea to another.