Why Music & Sports Matter As Much As Math & Science

There are some things(Music and Sports)  that your books cannot teach you, but a guitar or a paintbrush can. And there are some things you cannot learn in a classroom, but you can on a basketball ground or a football field.

Dedicating a few hours every day to extracurricular activities can help you in more ways than one. Not only do colleges and career paths demand it, but it fuels your overall development. Let’s put it this way – Maths, Physics, and Business Studies will help in your academic and intellectual growth, whereas Art, Sports, and Dramatics can help in your personal, physical and social development.

Focus on adding more extracurricular activities to your weekly routine, because here’s how they help you:

Your grades will climb up the ladder

Explore your hobbies to the fullest because they will have a positive impact on your academics. When you pay attention to your passions, it gives you a chance to recharge your mind. This helps you make better use of your study time because you’ve given yourself enough time to unwind and de-stress through extracurricular activities.  

You can master some valuable skills

When you commit to an extracurricular activity, you get an opportunity to improve different personal skills. Each activity has its own benefits – For example, playing volleyball or cricket makes you a team player, or joining the drama club can help you get over stage-fright and build your confidence. Ultimately this means that you will no longer be afraid to give class presentations or shy away from taking up more responsibility. The skills you pick up through extracurricular activities eventually show results in your classroom performance as well. And they lead to your personal growth in remarkable ways.

They add muscle to your resume

Your future colleges and employers are certainly going to go over the extracurricular activities listed on your resume. They are even more important if you are planning to apply to universities abroad. Extracurricular activities display your additional talents, your capability to excel in multiple avenues and your all-round personality. In short, they give you that extra edge to make you stand out.

Take a closer look at how the following can really develop your skillset:

1. Music

How it helps you:

  • Teaches you the importance of regular practice and patience.
  • Builds your confidence as you start performing on stage.
  • Improves memory power and discipline once you take it up dedicatedly.

How you can explore it:

  • Discover which instrument catches your interest the most. Each one is unique in their own way.
  • Start with the basics, learn the fundamentals of music and take it from there.
  • Sign up for classes or join the school music club.
  • Practice, then practice some more and then start making your own music. 
  • Call up your other buddies who can play instruments and jam together! There’s a lot you can learn together as you push each other along.  
  • Explore the web for music tutorials – you will find them in plenty.

2. Art

How it helps you:

  • Fires up your imagination and gives an outlet for creative expression
  • Helps you forget about academic stress
  • The feeling of accomplishment after completing a piece boosts your happiness and self-esteem

How you can explore it:

  • Doodle, paint, sculpt, sketch. Try things on your own.
  • Explore some famous art techniques that catch your eye and try a few.
  • Join an art class.
  • Spend a little time every day with your paintbrush and canvas.
  • See what other people have to say, take their feedback positively and improve.

3. Sports

How it helps:

  • Improves your physical caliber.
  • Helps you understand the dynamics of a team.
  • Develops your social skills.
  • You win some, you lose some – and that adds to your character.

How you can explore it:

  • Pick a sport that you love and dive in.
  • Join your school team and play regularly.
  • Emulate your favorite sports star and learn the game in and out.
  • Practice and work towards improving yourself.

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