What is Automotive Engineering All About?

What comes to your mind when you hear the names Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin Vanquish? Yes, they all are the most expensive cars and manufacturers in the world. They have specialized engineers handling the production of these vehicles and you could also take up a career in automotive engineering if your favorite toy as a child was cars. But what is an automotive engineering and where will it lead you?

What is Automotive Engineering?

It is a type of vehicle engineering under which students utilize different aspects of mechanical, electronic, software and safety and electrical engineering. The designing, manufacturing, and operation of various vehicles such as trucks, buses, automobiles, and motorcycles come under this field.

They closely work on the following phases:

  1. Designing: creating new designs or bringing in an improvement in the ones already created
  2. Research and Development: identifying solutions to problems of engineering
  3. Production: Strategizing and drafting new processes for the production

Why choose automotive engineering as a career?

There is an overall increase in the number of vehicles in the world. This is why more and more engineers are required. Several manufacturing industries having job opportunities with a fairly good pay scale offer avenues for such engineers.

Not just that, you have the chance to design your own car and design it in a manner that you like. You can also test drive several cars at work (Something that excites a lot of the young boys). The options for a rising career in this field are more in International countries than India.

What do automotive engineers do?

Apart from designing the model of a vehicle, what is automotive engineering all about? It involves the development of new procedures for testing, launching new products in the market, transforming technical data and analyzing it in the form of reports, managing all details related to the project, monitoring most engineering subsystems, supervising technical staff involved in the manufacturing, presenting the design and answering any queries related to it, inspecting vehicle performance in different situations with the help of computer programmes and lots more.

What do you need to be an automotive engineer?

Engineers in this industry need science subjects as a prerequisite. If you ever get bored of what you are doing and wish to change your line, engineering and science-related fields are your back up option. You cannot enter into the field of Fashion Designing, Journalist, Acting and Modeling or Chartered Accountancy.

There are some skills and traits essential for a student before they decide to excel in this field:

  • A strong liking for motor vehicles
  • Sharp mathematical skills and technical knowledge
  • An innovative approach for problem-solving
  • Outstanding communication and presentation qualities
  • Exceptional organizational skills and the spirit to work in a team

It is clearly understood that engineers of this fieldwork on automotives. Then what do mechanical engineers do? Automotive and mechanical engineering are two separate types of engineering courses. Automotive engineers take care of the overall development and designing of vehicles whereas mechanical engineers take care of a particular aspect of the car such as motor, brakes, combustion, etc.

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