Virtual Internship Program: Explore. Experience. Enhance Your Profile

You may not be graduating any time soon. As a college student, you might still have a lot of learning to do. However, it’s never too early to start thinking how to boost your resume.

As most of us are now confined to the four walls of our homes, the time is right to start making your resume stand out from the crowd. A resume is a crucial document, which if crafted well, can impress your prospective employer in a jiffy. Add to it some real-time experience and your chances of landing the job can increase manifold.

But, from where can a student get experience before grabbing his first job? Internships, of course. As present circumstances are not conducive for a physical internship, the Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is one of the best means to gain some experience and also get clarity to find that job which closely matches your personality.

Want to know what a Virtual Internship Program is? Read here

Yes, we do understand that you have a lot of questions to ask. After all, is an internship within the comfort of our homes of any worth?

Or, you may also ask:

“I am doing my BBA and I have decided to study finance in my post-graduation. So why should I take up a virtual internship program now?”

“I have already been recruited by a reputed company. Why should I spend my time doing a virtual internship?”

Well, there are multiple answers as to why VIP could be still relevant for you:

1. Work-experience? No. Career-experience?

Yes! A Virtual Internship Program doesn’t give you work-related experience but rather gives you the experience to confidently opt a career. It is devoid of the hassles one has to face at a particular workplace during a physical internship and gives you an in-depth understanding of why you should or shouldn’t be opting a career.

2. Know your dream career better

Yes, you might be pretty much convinced about doing an MBA in your post-grad or finish your literature degree in English and then apply for NET. But how well do you know about these dream careers of yours?

This is where VIP plays a crucial role. The internships are structured in such a way that you can make the most important decisions of your lives with accuracy and precision.

3. Glam-up your resume:

VIP comes with a certification of your experience. And this certificate tells a lot about a candidate’s interest in pursuing a profession while submitting his/her resume. VIP lets YOU make the decision about choosing your career and not vice-versa.

4. To venture into new territories:

Are you someone doing a regular 9-5 job but also is secretly looking up ways to learn ethical hacking? Or someone with a great sense of fashion looking to take up a course in fashion designing? VIP is a good medium to gain insights about an industry that you are interested in but also unfamiliar with. It gives you a fair idea about the technicalities of a profession and also the challenges that come along.

5. Finally, you may ask why you spend 1-2 hours a day when you already have got so much in your hands? Well, if in 1-2 hours one can get a seamless experience of making the right career choices, tell us what’s stopping you? 

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