Top Summer Programs That Will Impact Your Students’ Future!

Annual exams are over but an entirely new academic year is upon us with Summers fast approaching. How are you planning to make this summer break productive for your students? What if we said that your students can actually build a College Ready profile during this Summer breakthrough Summer Programs?

Yes, you heard that right! With over 70% of the World’s leading Universities looking at a candidate’s profile that goes ‘Beyond Marks’, Summer learning Programs give your students that EDGE in University admission processes!Global Universities offering summer programs

Summer Programs: A Productive Downtime Utilization Strategy

Summer programs, also known as Pre-College Summer Programs ensure that your students get that much-needed edge in terms of:

  • Clarity on course and colleges,
  • Focused profile demonstrating interest,
  • Immersive experiences to discuss during interviews, and much more…

all while making use of the Summer vacations to build critical future-ready skills.

How does your School Derive Value from Summer Programs?

1) College-Ready Student Community: Attending a Summer Program results in a positive impact on the students as they:college students

    • Get Exposure to Actual College Life
      Students get to stay on the University campus, interact with faculty members and the current students to know how the University life is like. It is the BEST form of College immersion program that can ever exist!
    • Build Critical Skills
      Students get an opportunity to make new friends and network with people of different cultures. They also get an opportunity to connect with professors and tutors who could guide them for the future.
    • Improve Admission Converts
      A Summer Program is one of the X factor ‘Beyond Academics’ elements which leading Universities look for while screening applicants. Also, this Summer experience could trigger a personal application or a college essay which might result in your students getting that dream college convert!

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2) Increased Academic Prep Time: Summers provide an ideal time for your students to prepare for crucial entrance examinations like SAT, ACT, etc. This proves to be one of the most productive time periods in the year for academic preparation with no regular school time. One of the best ways through which students can prepare for tests is by opting for a summer program and utilize their downtime efficiently.student

Some colleges offer test prep courses as a part of their summer program which helps your student to get that EDGE in University admissions.

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3) Improved College Placements for your School:

Leading Indian Schools have been leveraging on the power of non-academic profile building activities like Summer Programs to improve their students’ placements in top colleges:

Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni

One such leading school’s student has been Ms. Kaveri Nadhamuni from The International School, Bangalore who undertook the RISE internship during Summerset Boston University to learn more about Computer Science and implement an actual project while networking with like-minded individuals.


Summer Learning Programs definitely provide that EDGE to your students for their life ahead, so what are you waiting for?


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