Top Schools Have Figured This Out, Have You?

Every school is known by its alumni. If the alumni are doing well, it is a direct reflection of the school. Besides, high levels of parental and student satisfaction are linked to good word of mouth ergo higher admission rates. The question is – How can every school achieve it?

By caring about one key problem that nobody is addressing – the Parent-Student conflict about career choices.

Why is this a problem? Take a look at the chart below. As challenging as the problem seems, the solution to the above problem lies in a simple 3 step formula that encourages dialogue between all the major stakeholders – parents, students, and counsellors/teachers.

Step 1 – Identify

Identifying students and parents who are not on the same page would solve half the problem. While it is not possible to manually sieve such students, the use of technology would both be apt and beneficial. With the help of a technological platform, the management can identify at the start of the academic year the parents and students that are in conflict and encourage open dialogue.

Step 2 – Engage and Educate

‘Future of Work’ a study done by Oxford University states that in the next 20 years, 50% of the jobs will be lost due to automation. And these jobs will most likely be in the field of law and medicine. Would parents still want to force their children into stereotypical careers after being aware? Ideal careers would be in the field of design, research and business strategy.

Step 3 – Enable

The final step would be enabling students to make the choices for themselves. With the right guidance and tools, schools should equip students to understand their career prospects and the nature of work. With this knowledge, the student would be able to substantiate his/her interests. And if the student is able to make informed decisions with the help of career guidance provided by the school, you can only imagine the skyrocketing admissions due to word of mouth!

We believe that the path to success isn’t easy, but it most definitely favors the prepared.


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