The Ultimate Guide For Improved Admissions: Alumni Insights

Creating a supportive and engaged alumni network is crucial to a school’s success and your school is no different. Engaged alumni are an ASSET that schools can harvest for long term growth, even for improving admission rates.

Yes, you heard us right!

Your Alumni Management and Engagement can contribute to your school’s success in a multi-dimensional manner through:

1. Improved Admissions:

Improved Admissions

Alumni engagement can increase admission rates considerably. Oakridge International School, Hyderabad (Newton Campus) registered a 15% increase in Admission conversions through its strategic alumni-parent connect. Parents while considering schools for admissions, prefer those with successful alumni. Through a dedicated Alumni management system, your school can now showcase its successful alumni and improve admission conversion chances.

2. Tracking Alumni Status in terms of Geographic Locations:

With a dedicated digital alumni management and engagement platform, you can find out what your alumni are doing and where they are currently located at. Imagine discovering that someone from your school is now studying at a Top Global University.

Ryan International makes use of this critical data to showcase its alumni’s prowess:

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3. Showcasing Top Colleges that students prefer:

top colleges alumni network

Mayo College Girls’ School (Ajmer) has been able to derive insights on the Top colleges which their students have made to. This includes the Tier-1 colleges across the world, be it India’s Christ or UK’s LSE.

4. Scholarship Information:

Imagine showcasing your School’s merit through the scholarship amount that your alumni have been able to secure batch-wise. Sounds amazing right? Ryan International School has been able to do just that with a micro-level breakdown of scholarship received per student across colleges!


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5. Highlighting Alumni-Student interaction:Podar International School

Having alumni guiding your juniors is always the best form of guidance that can be received, as they have been through that journey before, be it:

  • Preparing for Board examinations
  • Acing competitive examinations like IITJEE, CLAT, JIPMER, etc.
  • Tips and Tricks to prepare college-ready profiles, and so much more.

Podar International School leverages this feature to ensure that an active engagement platform to promote seamless interaction between Alumni and current students.

With Univariety’s Alumni Insights, your school can now leverage the power of its Alumni like never before.

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