The Process of Career Planning

career planning processThe process of career planning concentrates on identifying a career path for students. This involves various steps such as self-assessment, research, decision making, job searching, and accepting job offers. But the first question to answer is


What is Career Planning’?

It is an ongoing beneficial process for students, in the sense that it helps them manage their development and learning. You can make use of the five-step process to plan your future and decide on a field that will be ideal for you:


5 Steps for Career Planning Process

Step 1: Self-Assessment

To begin with, a student needs to perform self-assessment. It is essential to understand the interests and mindset of an individual and choose a career path that is suitable. Evaluate the kind of person you are and then analyze the aptness of various available career options. Thoroughly look at the values, skills, personality traits and interests that you have. Guidance from a career counselor may be useful at this time. They will be able to judge you using exercises and personality inventories.

After getting a sense of what will give you satisfaction and what you will be able to derive from the work you do, you can go on to research. Brainstorm all the career options in and around you and investigate their probability. When you go through the descriptions and qualifications vital for positions, along with other important facts, you will be able to determine and distinguish what a good fit is.

Step 2: Research

Preliminary information can be gathered through online sources. Additionally, speak to people belonging to the same field. Once you speak to a person from the chosen interest and background, you will be able to gain an inside perspective about the realities of the field.
If you wish to get firsthand experience of a field, take up internships and part-time jobs. This way you get an opportunity to evaluate the actual working environment.

Step 3: Decision making

In this step of the career planning process, take a look at the pros and cons of every option you have been considering. Decision making becomes easier if you are aware about yourself, about the occupation you are going to take up and your intuition.

Step 4: Search

After a clear objective has been identified, the next step is to search for a job. Start performing activities like networking, writing cover letters and resumes, looking up for potential employers and interviewing.

Step 5: Acceptance

The ultimate step is to accept the job. This is the beginning of your exciting work life. You will obviously change your job from time to time and each time you do that, you will need to go through the various steps mentioned above.

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There is no harm in opting for career advice and guidance. Going through the various steps of the career planning process make sure that you identify a future that is secure and satisfactory.


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