Studying Engineering? Here is how to stand out in a crowd 1.5 million

If you have a natural inclination and love for mathematics, the ability to think logically and analytically, a liking to solve problems ranging from small mind puzzles to complicated issues and obstacles, then you are suited for engineering. However, also remember that along with these traits, you must also have the required aptitude for science and other required subjects.

  • India produces 1.5 million engineers annually out of which only 17% are found employable generally, as per the National Employability Report
  • 97% of engineers apply for jobs in the IT industry and core engineering out of which only 18.4% and 7.5 % are found employable in the IT industry and core engineering respectively
  • According to the above-cited report, 54% of the engineers are rejected as they are not trainable in soft-skills
  • Experts have long since complained that the majority of engineers have no practical knowledge through which they can contribute to the organization where they want to work
  • A huge number of engineers, after graduating, pursue careers in completely different and unrelated streams
  • A huge number of engineers selected it as their career because they were forced to do so by their parents

The mammoth number of 1.5 million may scare you, but the truth is, standing out in the 1.5 million is not only possible but also interesting. The first thing you need to understand is that your competition is not within 1.5 million. It’s rather with the 17% who are found employable; the rest is just a crowd. And here is how you can avoid becoming part of the crowd.

1) Become an engineer ‘by choice’ and not ‘by chance’

Unlike the olden days, there are varied and numerous career options requiring a different set of skills. Choose engineering only if you are interested in studying it.

2) Study at a college, not a degree-production factory

With a positive and confident mind, select a college which will help in learning. Don’t study at a place which is nothing but a manufacturing plant for degree-holders. Don’t jump at advertisements promising 100% placements.

3) Don’t worry about placements or job yet

Now is the time to concentrate on your learning, not jobs and placements. Study to learn and prepare yourself as much as you can. The more you learn, the higher are possibilities of getting a job.

4) Don’t become a robot, learn soft skills

Do not become a robot that has information uploaded in its memory. Learn social and soft skills. Pay serious attention to learning verbal and written communication. This will give you a massive advantage in the future.

Soft skills have become an important factor based on which employers identify good engineers. Communication has become as important a skill as the subject knowledge of the engineering stream.  All this is possible if one gets expert counselling and advice.


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