Small jobs with big benefits

America is a country of surprise. With each step, surprises will spring up, baffling you. You will be walking down a street or jogging early in the morning when you will see things which will make you stop in your tracks in astonish666ment.


America is one of those rare places where you will find the practical explanation of the famous saying ‘no work is small.’ The life and environment in the country are such that no one feels ashamed in working under any capacity as long it’s legal and offers an income. It’s work that matters to the people.

Students who arrive in the USA to benefit from its excellent educational institutions often have to take care of their own financial needs. Apart from generating considerable income for them, it also gives them practical skills of managing people and problems.

Here is a list of jobs that are considered small but offer good income to those who work at them.

1). Job: Delivering people the emergency aid: Pizza


They say that if you have good driving skills, you can either be an ambulance driver or a pizza delivery boy. Weave your way in and out of the traffic and deliver people what they need the most: Pizza.

2). The perfect job for ‘Lage Raho’ people


Remember that friend of yours who was always on phone and you used to tease them with the phrase “Lage Raho”? (Stay glued to your phone). Working at a call centre may be a perfect part-time job for such people if they have good command on language and communication.

3).Job: Welcome and feed people: work as a waiter


Surprised? You will be more surprised to know that Amazon CEO- Jeff Bezos, singer Macy Gray, and famous athlete Carl Lewis have worked at McDonald’s before they became famous. Working as a waiter is not considered a lowly job,. On the contrary, one of the most sought after job by students.

4).Job: Each one teaches one


If you are good at communicating and interacting with youngsters, you can become a tutor. However, be ready for the Karma (remember how you treated your own tutor when you were young).

5).Job: Type like you drive: not fast, VERY fast

If your typing speed matches or exceeds your driving speed then you can start earning through a data entry job. One can either work as a freelance writer and can write articles of their own or work for data entry.

6).Job: Your hobby, your savior


If you have a hobby which is sought after by other people (like playing guitar, writing book reviews, managing social media pages) then it can also bring you revenue if you leverage it the proper way.


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