Making complete use of high school time

While students build many memories in high school, not all are relevant experiences that can be mentioned in the academic resume. Especially when applying to colleges where the level of competition is highest, high school achievements go a long way in securing a seat.

Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of your time in high school.

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Although this may sound passé, the effectiveness of this clichéd statement cannot be questioned. It is critical to read every day. To know more, you have to read more. So get into the habit of reading. Remember- this is in addition to your coursework and homework. Reading is a habit which will help you later no matter what field of study you choose to pursue.

Connect with your hobby:

It’s not just about studies. Colleges are known to be keen on well-rounded students, who do more than simply pore over coursework. Find something you love to do and commit to it. For instance, if you are keen on poetry, join a school group or a poetry club and stick with it. Colleges will be impressed with your willingness to hone your skills and with your commitment to these activities.

Talk to your parents:

Talk to your parents about your choices and the dilemmas you face. Involve your parents with your career counsellors. Remember, that they know you better than anyone else and will always point you in the right direction even as the final decision rests on you.

Look for a guru:

Besides involving your parents in the decision making, it is more than handy to have a guru who can guide you on various facets; somebody, who inspires you and someone who you get along well with. Their experience will come in handy and help you decide.

Manage time:

Time management is an important skill to learn and it will be of huge help in the long run. Start small so you don’t face initial disappointment. With time, you will learn to manage time!

Take practice tests:

Studies have proved that students who take practice tests can recognize early about the types of tests (e.g. SAT/ACT/JEE) they excel at. It also helps them get a hang of how to attempt the actual test.

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