Make The Most of Your Summer Before College!

Woohoo! You’re a high school graduate!  You’re probably going through mixed emotions, with high school hangover, and being faced with a decision of choosing the right college. While summer is a great time to recharge, it is also a good time to do several other things. But, whatever you do, don’t stay at home, because you won’t get much chance to do a lot of things once college begins.

We also don’t want you to feel like you haven’t made good use of your summer, so, we’ve compiled a list of unique things, some serious, some fun so that you don’t feel like you lost out on important time.

Here are 4 Interesting Things You Can Do This Summer:

1. Pick a Summer program

If you want to expand your learning outside the classroom, you can join a summer programme. There are several summer programmes offered by colleges these days. This is a great way to gain additional knowledge and get some professional experience. One such programme is actually offered by OP Jindal Global University. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar is quite excited about it,

C. Raj Kumar, The Vice-Chancellor, Professor, OP Jindal Global University

“The Aspire India Scholars Programme (AISP), Jindal Global Summer School (JGSS) aims at providing mentorship to students, where they get exposure to interdisciplinary curriculum and prepares them for highly competitive admission process for higher education, nationally and globally. The Aspire India Ambassadors will address our summer school students and share their challenges of transition from high school to higher education.” 

2. Travel & Reflect

education travelYou can now visit the places you had on your bucket list and experience different cultures, cuisines, music, and what not! The foreign language that you learned in school can be put to good use. Whether it is within your country or abroad, traveling is a great way to rejuvenate and yet experience life through a different lens. Of course, a decision like this would require some planning, from homestays to group treks and so on. In fact, Cox and Kings have come up with an educational tour especially for students so you can explore your favorite destination this summer.

3. The Internship Experience

internshipInterning at an organization is a great way to gain experience and learn more about the career you are interested in.  As a high school student, you might not earn money, but that’s ok. The skills that you will develop during the process will help you in the long run.  Alongside this, you will learn how the corporate world works and who knows, you might just find your calling! There are many organizations that actively post internship requirements on their websites. One such website is Internshala, a portal dedicated to intern hiring.

4. Volunteer For a Good Cause

volunteer programsThere are many volunteer programs that can take you around the world which does not require you to spend money. In fact, you can also look up a few causes that you can work for in your own city. This is your chance to give back to the community and contribute to not just the growth and improvement of people but also to make an impact.

If you’re looking for places where you can volunteer and earn some money about in the process, then Volunteer India is one such place to be!

Volunteering India is a platform that offers a summer volunteer programme which is active not just during summer, but also during other months. So you’ve got your travel, internship, and volunteering, all covered under one umbrella.

Of course, there is a lot more you can do during the summer break. When you are planning your summer activity, remember to take the time to research well. Colleges like it when students involve themselves in doing things which they are passionate about and interested in. The bottom line is, you should use your summer in building skills and taking part in things that add value.

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