Introducing the Univariety Career Program For Those Who Aspire To Be Top-Notch

When was the last time you found a platform where you could chat with a counsellor, use cutting-edge research tools that could put search engines to shame, interact with alumni, take tests and do much more- for your career? We’ll guess, “Never!”

The Best Career Guidance Combined With Technology

Univariety’s Career Program is an attempt to piece together important steps that go into finalizing a career/college/course for a student on a single platform. All you need to do if you’re a student is login and get started! 

Why the Career Program? 

We understand that important decisions like deciding what career to pursue cannot be taken overnight. Career Planning is a process that can be broken down into several steps which starts with identifying one’s own interests. But, at Univariety we also understand how important it is to know what runs through a parent’s mind during this time so that we can align both parent and child interests to arrive at the most suitable solution. 

What Are Your Top Concerns About Your Child’s Career?

Our 5-step approach to the Science of Career Guidance 

So, it all begins with a parent filling out the Parent Aspirations, Concerns and Expectations (PACE) form. The next step is for you to login to your account where you have access to a range of solutions.

1.Research Tools

From identifying top colleges in different countries to calculating your admission chances- we have as many as 26 different research tools for you. Instead of doing a Google search for different websites, get them all in one place using our ‘College Search’ tool! What’s more, all our research tools are free! 

best college researching tool

A world of benefits that can help you and your child choose the best-fit career

2.Psychometric Tests 

Fact to be put in a separate box: Did you know that nearly 60% of employed people today are unhappy with their jobs and feel that they’re in the wrong career? 

Before you go down the journey of career planning and selection though, it is essential that you identify your personality, aptitude and interest for a certain career. Here are the various tests that we offer: 

  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Multiple Intelligences Assessment
  • Personality Type Assessment
  • Stream Selection Assessment
  • Ideal Career Assessment
  • Humanities Assessment
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Commerce Assessment 

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3. Personalised Counselling 

Once you have your report, the next step is to have an expert look at it and help you clear your confusion and offer you the clarity you need to choose wisely. You can avail of one-on-one counselling with our experience counselling team where you can discuss your goals, your concerns and get advice that is right for YOU. 

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You can also attend our webinars happening with our Head of Counselling, Ms. Sangeetha George, and understand more about the importance of career counselling and much more. Univariety Career Planning webinars

4. Alumni Guidance

We do think that students can be guided best by their seniors who have been through similar, if not the same journey. Talking to an alumnus helps students relate better and be more open and alumni are always so happy to share their stories and offer support. It’s a beautiful relationship!  Not only can students chat with their alumni, but they can also watch their videos on confusion to clarity!

Alumni guidance

5. University Guidance

Imagine watching a webinar by your dream university! Or better still, having a Personal Interaction with the admissions team. Wouldn’t that just be great? That’s what we offer through University Guidance. Our team helps you shortlist your dream colleges and then helps you receive as much first-hand information about this college so you can be even more sure of your decision!

University guidance

Great webinars by top universities

Bright Futures, Great Packages 

While you may utilise all our Research Tools for free, don’t forget to take a look at our packages so you can make better use of the Career Program.

career programs price range

Good career guidance is not a myth. Today, it is available to you right at home. All you need to do is take a decision to do it the right way. Our team is by your side to guide you, serving as a lighthouse as you take the crucial decision on your career. Get the most out of this program, give the most to your career!

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