Information about Architecture Career

What is Architecture?

information about what is architecture careerArchitecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings. It covers wide aspects such as science, technology, and business. Architects generally choose a field, like hospitals, schools, etc or specialize in one of the aspects of these fields like construction management.

Architects who climb up the ladder do less design work as they take over management responsibilities.

Architecture Career Information

Since it is a professional course, it will take longer than a degree in Arts or Commerce. The duration of a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture varies in accordance with the countries. The breakup of the course typically involves long hours of theory, projects, and design. Architecture career is attractive, high paying, and offers opportunities to shape, perhaps even transform the environment in which we live. Employment options for architects are available in government as well as private sectors.

Educational requirements for architecture study in various countries

India: The Bachelor of Architecture course is 5 years long and the criteria is a high school certificate in the Science stream. Admission is done on the basis of the result of entrance examinations organized by various universities. In the case of state-listed universities, priority will be given to the students from the state. In the case of elite universities like IITs and BITS, separate entrance exams are conducted for screening the students. Once the degree is completed, the student will have to register with the Council of Architecture. It is a renewable degree

USA: The accrediting body for a bachelor degree in Architecture is called NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board). The curriculum covers almost 150 hours of studies. Once students are through with this, they are qualified to take the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). This is the last hurdle a student needs to cross before becoming an architect. Once they receive the license, they can join the various architecture firms and hone their skills.  The duration of the process of becoming an architect may take up to 5 years in USA.

UK: Every student who wishes to become an architect has to first finish a 3 year BA and BS programme. After this, for a period of one year, the student needs to practice. This is mandatory for every student for their 2-year Bachelor in Architecture course to be termed complete. The examination body is called the Royal Institute of British Architects. Upon finishing this exam, students have to meet the Architects Registration Board to get them registered.

Australia: The undergraduate programme for Architecture in Australia is 5 years course. It includes a 3-year undergraduate degree and a Master of Architecture professional degree which is done over the remaining two years. Some universities ask for a 6-12 month work experience between these two courses. The registration requires a minimum of 2 years of practice and is usually done by the various state boards across the country.

The course duration in most of the other European countries is 5-6 years. Programmes in countries like Spain and Scotland are praised for their student-friendly atmosphere. In Asia; Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan are the most preferred destinations for students. These courses can be expensive but there are a lot of college education scholarships to aid you in successfully completing them.

What does an architect do?

The safety of the occupants of the building is an architect’s responsibility. And they have to follow stringent safety measures while constructing the buildings. Specialized training is required for taking this responsibility which involves education, internship, and examinations for license. Paying attention to the minutest detail is a trait that all architects have. They have to be creative in order to meet the aesthetic standards. Management skills are a requirement for earmarking budgets and handling manpower.

Internships are a great learning experience. Other than the exposure it provides, it also increases your chances of landing in a job. Potential employers give a lot of importance to your work experience during studies while considering you for a position in their company. Remember, take up as many internship opportunities as you can.


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