Indian Students and the great art of Jugaad (improvisation)

India is a nation of creativity. Innovation runs in the veins of every Indian but as far as Indian students are concerned, they eat, drink and breathe creativity. Such is their love for innovation that they have invented the great art of Jugaad, which actually means improvisation.

The following are some examples of the Jugaads used by Indian students.


Food is the most important thing on which we all survive. Often students are not left with any choice but to improvise in preparing food because many of them do not have access to the delicacies prepared at home as they are staying in hostels.

  • One would imagine that cooking is impossible if you don’t have a stove. Well, not for Indian students who have found a novel way to produce heat. (it will be a waste if you use the iron machine just to press clothes.)
  • Some students also have this habit of making a special Jugaadfied sandwich which has the potential to beat even McDonald burgers! All they do is: rub some butter between the bread slices and add some Chiwda (Indian snack mixture) and bingo! You can now compete with Burger King!
  • Instant noodles have also been a famous food among Indian students and the ways to prepare it are ingenious. Some students mount the cooking vessel on two supports and light some candles beneath it, moving it clockwise to ensure that the heat reaches all corners.

Spoon Crisis:

Ever encountered a situation in which you had a delicious soup but no spoon? Next time you won’t have to go through such a ‘spoon crisis’, thanks to this Jugaadfied spoon.


  • Anyone who has spent a summer in India will know how hot the climate is during those days. With a limited budget, AC is out of the question so this is what students do: They share!
  • If you don’t have a shower faucet in your bathroom, this fix will work wonders for you. (You may thank Indian students later).
  • If you think that the above shower is too mainstream, you will surely like this one: bath in style!
  • Don’t want to buy a mirror? Think it’s costly? Don’t worry, just buy a laptop and you can shave in comfort. (You can also use the laptop for mundane tasks such as browsing the internet and storing important files.
  • No fridge? Well, students can’t afford one. No surprises there. But you don’t have to worry about drinking lukewarm water, thanks to this technique (now, don’t ask how can students afford AC)
  • This is another example of the great technology of Jugaad. A tin can cooler along with grass walls to give fresh and cool air.
  • Everyone has smartphones these days and we all know how easily their battery drains out. With many plugs and sockets, it’s often difficult to organize the wires and make it look less messy, but not anymore. Here, take a hanger and you have a fixed cum portable spike extension.

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