Indian Engineering Students and their famous innovations

The term engineering, which used to arouse respect and admiration in India, now provokes amusement and hilarity. Thanks to all those jokes on online portals and social media, engineering has suffered a biased targeting of spoofs and gags. Engineering has a lot of enemies.

However, engineering in India has not lost its credibility despite these brazen attacks from various fronts. Indian engineering students have always proved their mettle in their discipline. Their innovations have intensified in the last decade and they have brought more inventions to the fore than ever before.

Following are some of the best inventions and innovative projects which are examples of why engineering still remains the king among other professional courses:

1). The bike which runs on air

Designed by a group of 5 students of the automobile engineering department at the BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli (Karnataka), this bike amazed everyone who saw or heard about it as it literally runs on air and releases air from its’ exhaust pipe.

The bike, which was built in 2009, uses compressed air as fuel. The air discharged by its exhaust pipe is cold and devoid of any chemicals and contaminations. It’s so cold that it can be used for air conditioning.

2). Underwater autonomous vehicle

Ever wondered what can be done to monitor underwater or submerged places like pylons of bridges or huge pipes without having to send people diving into the water? In 2014, this group of 30 students from IIT Madras not only thought about it but came up with an idea and made it a reality.

The group built an autonomous underwater vehicle that can navigate underwater by itself, free from human control as the nature of tides cannot be judged from above the surface. It took them two years and won them a chance to attend the International RoboSub Competition in San Diego.

3). Voice-activated wheelchair

Disabled people who have to use wheelchairs to move around have a tough time managing them. Although high tech wheelchairs are already available commercially, these students from the Government College of Amravati went a step ahead and synchronized it with voice control.

The project was presented at the All India Engineering Project Innovation Contest (AIEPIC) for the year 2009-10 and was included in the shortlist of the best project.

4). Control your home power consumption with your mobile

Many people forget to switch off their electrical appliances and don’t remember until they are far off from home. A group of students from the RV College of Engineering devised a home automation system that used a mobile phone and a GSM modem.

The system, which was shortlisted at the All India Engineering Project Innovation Contest (AIEPIC) for the year 2009-10, enabled a common user to control their home appliances by switching them on and off through SMSs and even allowed them to schedule when to switch a particular appliance on or off. Apart from informing the user about power consumption, it also informed them if there was a power outage or if any appliance started malfunctioning.

The above-mentioned innovations are just four among a pool of hundreds which are presented around the country infests and contests. The thing which enabled these students to undertake such brilliant projects was the fact they had a true passion for the stream they had chosen.


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