How To Make The Most Out of University Visits

Top schools have cracked the secret to success and do things that help their students succeed. As thought leaders in the education space, we would like to shed some light on University Visits. Did you know, as a part of talent scouting most international universities reach out to Indian students by visiting their school? A study conducted in 2015 indicated that only 10% of the 300 International Schools in India get approached by Universities for visits and out of those, only 41% of them are happy with the level of engagement. So our question to you now is –

3 Things Have To Do To Visit Universities Most

1. Do Your Research

Before arranging the session, do your research in terms of university ranking, what the university has to offer, and what does the university specializes in. After you have the answer to these questions then have only relevant students who’d benefit from this attend. How can you do that? By having a tech system in place where the school is aware of the student’s future preferences.

2. Professional Development for Teachers

Use university visits as a professional development activity for your teachers. After a session with students is done, arrange one with teachers only and let teachers explore and learn about various things the university has to offer. Teachers can use this information in the years to come for many batches. Universities, on the other hand, will be happy to be a part of this extended activity because it would increase their brand recall.

3. Academic Collaborations

The best way to build relationships with universities would be to set up ‘Academic Collaborations’ with university professors for some of your students. Professors can remotely guide students over various projects. One brilliant example would be of the academic collaboration between Glendale Academy and Newcastle University.

Univariety Tip – Before confirming any University ask Who, What, and How i.e., Who is coming from the university? What are they going to talk about? How is it relevant to your students?

This concludes the scoop for schools that get approached by Universities. But what about those who don’t get approached? Keep watching this space to know more!


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