How to get closer to your dreams

We know you have a head full of dreams. But at times there are things standing in the way of you and your success. And you can’t always figure out what they are.  

Sometimes you even find yourself doing a whole bunch of things at once, but are they really helping you fulfill your ambitions?

Take a step back, take in a deep breath, and reflect on the following issues. Start finding out what’s holding you back from long-term success.

#1: Don’t add too much to your plate.

Trying to overachieve can be a recipe for disaster. There’s only so much you can do during your time in high school. So, strike a balance; identify what you can and cannot do.

What’s holding you back: Having too many goals can dilute your vision.

What you should do: Have one or a couple of goals, and streamline your focus and efforts toward them.

  • Understand your talents and focus on them. You can’t dip your feet in everything, so nurture what you love doing best.
  • You don’t have to do dozens of things at one time to keep up with your classmates or friends. Develop skills that are aligned to your caliber.
  • Investing time in sports, music or debating should be out of your own passion. Don’t get caught up in the expectations of others. If you’re clear about why you’re pursuing something, and if you’re sure it takes you closer to your goals, then put your heart and hard work into it.

#2: Get the right amount of help

When you’re a high school student, you already get ample advice and opinions from your family, relatives and almost everyone in the neighborhood. But is it what you need?

What’s holding you back: Having too little or too much advice doesn’t help.

What you should do: Get the right amount of guidance and facts from the right sources.

  • Google doesn’t always have the answers. So don’t base all your decisions on online research.
  • Have conversations with professionals working in the industry that you would like to venture into.
  • Reach out to expert Career Counsellors. They’ll help you figure out the obstacles standing in your way.

#3: Break out of your comfort zone.

Look at the big picture. Yes, academics are very important. But your success isn’t just based on that Math test around the corner or winning that upcoming extempore competition.

What’s holding you back: Sticking to the comfort of your hometown or clinging to your school activities won’t get you far. There’s more out there that you can try out.

What you should do: Explore and then explore some more. 

  • Go for internships that will take you outside your city. They’ll give you chances to explore and add to your field of knowledge and experience.
  • Push yourself and experiment more – it’ll help you grow and expand your capabilities. Put excuses to rest and take up online courses or practical experience. It will help you develop the skills you need to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Opportunities are waiting at every corner to build your personality and your profile. All you have to do is tighten the bolts of your vision, have clarity about your goals and focus your energy in the most effective way.


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