Green Careers – Combine work with your love for the environment

Every day a tree supplies oxygen to 4 people. It alone absorbs 22 kg of carbon dioxide in a year. In return, all it asks is to let it live, but the poor things are massacred in the name of ‘development’. That’s a clarion call for humanity to conserve nature and look for a reusable mug rather than a paper cup whenever they have coffee cravings. Clean air is the need of the hour!

In the wake of World Climate Strikes, we bring to you different professions that are all about the earth and the environment. The need for young minds like you to get out there and protect our environment has not been stronger than it is today. If you like the idea of being ambassadors for the environment, then here are four careers for you:

Environmental Engineer

One of the more unconventional fields of engineering would be this one. An Environmental Engineer would understand different environmental issues, analyze the causes for them and design ways to erase the problem using engineering techniques and their knowledge about the environment


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If you were to be a Geologist, you would ideally be a scientist specialized in understanding the earth, the make-up of the planet and organisms it is home to. A Geologist would easily be employed in a variety of industries and engineering services. If you have a strong love for the earth, then this is one career path to seriously consider.


Marine Biologist
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By taking up marine biology, you can dive into your love for the ocean and study everything there is to learn about sea creatures. From tiny micro-organisms to large sea giants and everything in the middle, you can specialize in anything you like. And with that knowledge, you can work towards conserving the aquatic environment around you.


Landscape Architect
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Apart from designing beautiful parks, gardens, neighborhoods, streets and natural areas, Landscape Architects can use their expertise and enter into the field of environmental conservation, take part in restoring different lands and contribute towards rejuvenating ecosystems that have been damaged or polluted. The environment should not be something that crosses your mind once a year on World Environment Day. Although these four careers let you work closely with nature and the environment, conservation and sustainable practices should not be something you do because your work entitles you to do so. The bottom line is that no matter which profession you take up, always be conscious of the environment and its needs. So, plant a tree, walk a lot, and cycle for short distances to make your steps count. Let’s imbibe the environmental pledge in our ecosystem.

Make a decision this World Environment Day!


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