Four major food brands that offer scholarships

Fast-food to the rescue

It’s not all about eating, but also about feeding (add educating too). Many famous business organizations are involved in philanthropic activities to help the economically less-fortunate sections of society.

Being the giants of the food industry, these companies have taken up one of the best forms of social service: giving financial aid to students who require them.

The following are some fast facts about them.

This century-old company does not limit itself to providing soft drinks, chips, and beverages. PepsiCo awards as many as 8 big scholarships under different names to different students. The company offers scholarships such as the Pepsi Service Scholarship, the Pepsi Frito-Lay Scholarship, and the Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship and for students who are planning a major in business or economics. Many of these scholarships are specific to certain universities.

Coca Cola’s rivalry and competitive attitude with Pepsi is not limited to business. Coca Cola has established a separate organization to provide financial aid for students. The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation provides scholarships to 1400 students annually. The total money awarded to them is $3.4 million each year.

The scholarships are awarded to students who are US citizens and who are currently in high school and planning to pursue higher education in any accredited US university or college.

It’s not only burgers they serve on their menu; there are also scholarships for students who want to pursue higher education. This company also has a separate organization to help students by providing them financial aid. The Ronald McDonald House Charities offers a number of scholarships to students of any religion, nationality, and race. However, some scholarships are limited to students studying in the USA while.

The half a century old fast-food giant which has more than 13,000 outlets in 79 countries is not all about eating; it has two separate organisations which are involved in social services and charities along with scholarships. The BurgerKing/McLamore Foundation awards $1.6 million every year to students in the form of scholarships.

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