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How ITESM, a Mexican Legendary Institution, Teams Up with Unicheck to Automate Paper Checks

by on October 26, 2020 0

Picture an innovative, student-centered institution. What could it be like? A college with robots as teaching assistants? Or a vast university with campuses scattered across the state, with modern technology raising the next generation of citizens? While some are drawing futuristic pictures, others may be thinking of real-life examples. One of them is the...

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The Author of Teaching Naked on Great Teaching Strategies We’re Missing

by on August 11, 2020 0

Great teaching… Is it just a destination point no one can ever reach or a constant struggle to tailor pedagogy to the ever-changing times? We’ve connected with Mr. José Antonio Bowen who’s been into examining teaching methods, faculty-student interaction, effective use of technology outside the classroom to get hold of what great teaching should...

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