Five Unconventional Jobs for the Good Listener

Would you believe it if we said that your listening skills can really help you in your career? Would you believe us if we said that good listeners are high in demand today? It’s the truth!

Today, when there’s so much being said and there’s so much noise around, listening skills are becoming more and more important. If you think you’re a good listener, here are a few unconventional careers that you may want to consider working in:

The field of sound

Recording, mixing, reproducing – that’s Audio Engineering in three words. If the idea of sound, music, and creativity get you excited, then this one’s for you. Musicians and producers are often assisted by Audio Engineers who have a good ear, as they help in stitching together different parts of the song, technically enhancing the sound and adding effects to the track.

  • Digital Remastering Engineer

A more specialized professional who would use an audio engineering software is this engineer. The primary task of a Digital Remastering Engineer is to heighten the audio clarity of old movies or music by cleaning out the sound and enhancing the quality. With the extinction of vinyl records, audiocassettes, and others, the relevance of this career stream is becoming more visible.


If you’re not shy of working closely with people, your listening skills can come in handy as a Mental Health Counsellor. In this field, you can support individuals in coping with mental disorders or overcoming emotional barriers.

Here’s a career where your interest in music can meet your desire to promote wellness and growth in others. In this profession, you would keenly listen to the needs of your clients and tailor the therapeutic nature of music to treat an individual with mental ailments or difficulties.


How can an HR Manager build meaningful relationships with employees and managers? Through active listening skills, of course. By listening t unbiasedly, HR managers will be able to understand employees better and create effective connections.

A good television Talk Show Host isn’t one that merges well with the glitz and glamour. Along with great conversational skills, a Talk Show Host is one that listens and listens keenly to what his/her guest is saying. This would prompt better questions to consequently follow, making the interview all the more impactful.

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