Famous people who made mechanical engineering fascinating

From devising massive machines like ships and plane engines to complex mechanisms like cars and trains, mechanical engineering has always been considered one of the most sought after professions by students. With their earth-shaking inventions and innovations, famous engineers have turned the study of mechanical engineering into a fascinating journey.

Among those whose inventions changed the world, mechanical engineers seem to own a large share. Here is a list of some of the most famous mechanical engineers of the world who are considered the shapers of the current era in which we live. The engineers not only invented ingenious devices and mechanisms but also helped economic development in their respective eras.

Nikola Tesla

The Serbian-American inventor who baffled the world with his shocking discoveries, Nikola Tesla re-defined the meaning of mechanical engineering. He invented the modern electric motor, wireless transmission of energy, basic laser and radar technology, the first neon, and fluorescent illumination and the famous Tesla coil.

Nikola Tesla is considered as a cult figure among the engineering fraternity.

Henry Ford

The famous automobile mogul who transformed the history of transportation and mobility, Henry Ford was also a mechanical engineer. Ford is considered the master of an assembly-line industry which he used to cut costs in mass production at his factories. He is also known for combining the idea of producing cheap goods with high pay for his workers.

George Stephenson

The father of the railway, George Stephenson was the man who developed the first steam locomotive in the world. A self-made mechanical engineer, Stephenson is credited for measuring the rail gauge which came to be known as the standard measurement for the gauge globally.

Stephenson’s invention gave a big boost to Britain’s industrial revolution.

Rudolf Diesel

The famous German inventor who invented the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel was also a mechanical engineer. Born in Paris, young Diesel’s childhood was spent in the shadow of the Franco-German war. He studied engineering in Germany and later on developed the diesel engine.

Willis Carrier

The man whom we all need to thank for inventing the modern air conditioners, Willis Carrier was also a mechanical engineer.  Carrier designed the first air conditioning system of the world in 1902 which is considered as the birth of modern air conditioning.

Mechanical engineering requires a high aptitude and passion for mathematics and physics. Every day, thousands of mechanical engineers graduate in India. The best places to study engineering also look for the best students. Therefore, those who aspire to study mechanical engineering should make sure that they stand out among the crowd so that they can carry the legacy of their legendary predecessors.


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