Did You Know That Obama’s School Has The Perfect Alumni Guidance System

One has to agree that school years are the most formative ones which decide the future. In order to become college-ready, students face multiple dilemmas with respect to career paths, colleges to choose, and other aspects. To ease their confusion, Alumni Guidance becomes increasingly important. A strong alumni network will aid and engage juniors to:

  • Gain perspective on the types of courses, entrance exams, and careers to opt for,
  • Gain first-hand insights on the state of the industry,
  • Get tips and tricks to ace college life, and much more.

Punahou school logoIn order to facilitate such an interaction, the need for an alumni management system also becomes critical. The returns of a robust alumni system can be manifold and leading schools across the world are giving alumni network goals worth emulating.

Punahou School

One such exemplary school is Punahou School situated in Hawaii, USA, and has stalwarts like former US President Mr. Barack Obama, e Bay founder Pierre Omidyar and popular American novelist Allegra Goodman as some of its alumni!

Alumni guidance system

Now, it’s not just the school’s impressive alumni list but the efforts that the school has taken to maintain a connection with their alumni. Despite being situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this school has a dedicated alumni management system that connects over 36,000 students across the world.

Interesting Features of Punahou School Alumni Guidance and Networking Portal include:

  • Punahou Connect: An exclusive opportunity for students to connect with their alumni while
    • Planning their careers,
    • Looking out for internships or jobs, or
    • Assistance for business promotion
  • Reunion and Alumni Week: An annual week-long celebration held in June to celebrate and cement old bonds and forge new ones.
  • Events and News Update: Alumni management systemTo connect students with alumni and speak on relevant industry issues or topics. There is a dedicated section on the alumni website which highlights the upcoming events and the latest news in the alumni network.

In addition, what makes this system stand-out is a highlight of its alumni members.

alumni guidance system

Not only does it bring in an aspirational element for juniors to be like their alumni but it also gives them critical guidance on how to chart out their careers.

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Hyderabad Public School Alumni System

Hyderabad public school

Alumni Guidance is no longer JUST restricted to foreign Schools. Closer home, many leading schools in India have implemented the latest alumni guidance and management technologies. One of those schools is legendary, The Hyderabad Public School (Begumpet) which was established in 1923. The school boasts of iconic alumni like:

Hyderabad public school alumni network

In order to maintain such a vibrant and diverse alumni network, the school has implemented a one-of-a-kind customized alumni guidance and management system. Let us walk you through some of the critical elements of this system:

Enabling Students to review Senior’s Profiles: Through this feature, juniors can review profiles of their alumni and derive critical insights from their alumni in terms of:

    • College Joined
    • Course opted for
    • Academic Details, etc.

student alumni network

Connecting with Alumni at the Click of a Button:  

student alumni networkIn order to facilitate interaction among students and seniors, HPS (Begumpet) has provided an interactive platform to exchange messages in real-time.

Receiving Guidance from Seniors: With a dedicated Alumni Guidance initiative, alumni share the latest tips and tricks with students to guide them on:

    • Preparing for Board and Competitive examinations,
    • Tips and Tricks to Build a college-ready profile,
    • Application process guidelines, and so much more!

HPS Begumpet has clearly spearheaded the movement for choosing the right alumni guidance program while taking into account the best interest of its students in this day and age

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