Design Your Future with the Right Network

When it comes to climbing up the professional ladder, finding life-changing possibilities, or even building a business empire, there’s one thing that stands out to make it all happen – networking.

You may think it’s awkward, it may get you tongue-tied, or you may not know where to start. But there’s on the network where none of this matters – your school’s Alumni Network. It’s the one network where you already have and WILL ALWAYS have a strong connection.

Here’s why actively participating in the network can open up brand new avenues you never thought of:

 It’s More Than a Network

By actively participating in your alumni network, you’re essentially forming the school’s backbone. Yes, networking is a huge advantage you can make use of. But it’s also a community knit together by the school pride. It lets you connect with people from different corners of the world. And you can socialize with some of the most illustrious peers and seniors from your school.

University of VirginiaFor instance, when you move to a new city, wouldn’t it be great if you had some peers from school to introduce the city to you? That’s exactly what the University of Virginia has incorporated as part of its alumni initiatives. Any alum or alumna who moves to a new city can attend ‘Welcome to the City Parties’ and meet other fellow mates from the university. 

A Transaction of Opportunities

When you turn to your alumni network, you trade an opportunity in return for another one. Search for like-minded individuals to join you in breathing life to your star-up idea. Or find skilled experts who can lend their experience to your dream. Or get in touch with the people who can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

For instance, your Alumni Network can be your go-to hub for experts, innovators, builders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs.

Alumni Association Start-Up Hub

With strong roots in the ethos of the university, the Alumni Association Start-Up Hub of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was initiated in 2015. It brings together LSE’s alumni who have their ambitions and dreams aligned with start-ups. This way, talents are connected on a global platform and ideas are born.

Initiatives like these allow you to trade a unique opportunity in the USA with a ground-breaking idea in India.

Give Some Mentorship and Get Some Back

The experiences you’ve had in your life are priceless. Share them with your juniors from school who are eagerly waiting to follow in your footsteps. And simultaneously you can find other senior mentors in the alumni network who will be willing to guide you through the milestones in your life.alumni network

Mentoring offers you a host of benefits that lead to your own personal and professional development. And at the same time, it lets your juniors navigate better with your guidance.alumni engagement Still, need more convincing? Head on to your Alumni Network and start exploring all that it can do. Don’t miss out on the endless possibilities. 

School Alumni Network System

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