Common App To Get An Upgrade, Will Be More User Friendly Now

The Common Application is famously known as ‘Common App’, a popular online college application platform has recently announced that it will be upgrading the application and will be introducing a series of enhancements that will make the application user-friendly.

The application that helps more than three million students, counsellors, educators and parents in college applications, scholarships exploration, finding financial aid and support, released a statement saying

“Many of the changes for next year’s application stem from the feedback we received from the admissions, high school, and CBO counselors on our applications and outreach advisory committees and from the suggestions of the students and counselors who have used our platform.”

Some of the key upcoming upgrades(Common App) are –

  • Google Drive Integration
  • CBO, Advising and Recommending Enhancements
  • Courses & Grades

Google Drive Integration: With this feature, students will be able to access and upload all their documents and assignments pertaining to college admissions. Since most students have moved to use Google Docs and Google Drive to create, collaborate, access and share documents with their peers and teachers, Common App will integrate Google Docs and Google Drive.

CBO, Advising, and Recommender Enhancements: Students receiving support from advising and community-based organizations will be able to work with those counsellors just as they work with their school-based counselors and teachers within the application. They will then be able to manage caseloads and view student progress within the Common App system.

Courses & Grades: Students will be required to submit self-reported high school academic records when applying to some colleges and universities. By integrating this section, students who are already sending this information will be able to complete and submit it via their Common App, making the process of self-reporting transcripts more standardized and streamlined for students, counsellors, and colleges.

These are some of the key upgrades that the company has discussed, there are many other enhancements that they will be fully launching to make the user experience more friendly.


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