Can the Internet really help students in their studies? How can you make sure it does?

The Internet has taken the world by a storm and changed the way we look at things. A network of billions of computers and the usage of the internet has seeped into all aspects of our life, including education. However, is the vast sea of information, appropriate for students to navigate into? There is a widespread notion that the internet is a helpful tool for students, here we will try to understand how helpful it is by delving into some of its features.

  1. Information 24/7

The internet provides students with a platform to learn anything, anytime. Even students who cannot afford books can connect with the internet and educate themselves. The web provides free e-books and other material which can be accessed by students anytime of the day or night and on any day.

  1. Audiovisual learning

The Internet also provides students with various tools that make learning more appealing and fun. For example, lessons through animated videos and audio lectures of famous educators increase the students’ interest in learning something, compared to the traditional methods of learning through reading.

  1. The wonderland of distractions

Naturally, such a massive network of computers also has its distractions. And the distractions are such that they can easily lure away students and divert them from studies. Students also tend to become lazy if they use the internet all the time and completely stop referring to books.

  1. Misuse

The Internet like everything else has its grey and black areas which should be steered clear away from. Despite various laws and rules, youngsters may find certain platforms on the web which may induce them to misuse the network and harm themselves. This is one of the major cons of the internet.

What can you do?
  • Accept and embrace the internet

The first thing which should be kept in mind is: the Internet is here to stay. Instead of treating it as a restricted domain, experts say that it’s better to guide students about how it should be used.

  • Find it’s good uses and guide your students towards them

Every good teacher or mentor has a great deal of knowledge about every platform their students use and the Internet is no exclusion. Teachers and mentors can help students in discovering good and effective uses of the internet and directing them towards effective learning methods available on it.

  • Educate the students about internet misuse and its harms

Educating the students about the misuse of the web and its harms will have a far better impact on them than direct orders of restriction. Youngsters often have the tendency to go against direct orders, but if they are made to understand why you want them to stay away from something, it will build trust and they will be more inclined to listen to you.

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