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Hordes of people graduate in India every year. We churn out over a million engineers. However, according to the India Skills Report 2019, only 47% of them are employable. While this comes as a massive improvement from previous years, it shows that we still have a long way to go. Atria University fills this skill gap with the best education practices that bring out great talent. 

Employers want to hire those who can communicate well and are aware and ready to adapt to changing conditions. Atria University encourages independent and critical thinking and imparts experiential learning to its students. This makes them the first choice for prospective employers. 

The nation needs more institutions like Atria University that can disrupt the status quo and bring about a reformative system of education that focuses on futuristic learning, encourage the real-time application of concepts and prepare students for employment in emerging industries like AI, Design, Analytics, and Research and Development.

Atria University- Breaking free from the conventional 

Located in Hebbal, Bangalore, Atria University is much more than just its sprawling 25-acre campus. A place where students are encouraged to look deep within and get in touch with their ‘real self’, Atria stands for choices that make its students happy and proud. 

Choose from a range of specializations or create your own. Atria offers an out-of-the-box curriculum that is showcased through its three-week workshops and industry introductions. 

Many majors to choose from:

With a very futuristic perspective on education, Atria University offers majors that provide a massive jumpstart to all its students and give them an edge over their peers from other universities.

Here are a few of their courses

Digital Transformation: With a focus on digital manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, IoT, Additive Manufacturing, Data Sciences, Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Learning, AI, Design Thinking, Business Automation Tools, and Industrial Automation, this course empowers students to digitally transform businesses and improve efficiency. 

Interactive Technologies: This major will focus on providing a superior user experience and on delivering outstanding results to users who are in high demand today. Students will use VR, AR, UI, VFX, and web design in order to achieve this. 

Sustainable Life Sciences: Industrial agriculture is slowly declining. This major teaches students how they can contribute to better human health through sustainable alternatives like data sciences, biotechnology, agricultural science, gene alteration, and biomedical instrumentation.

Energy Sciences: Save the world by addressing its energy needs through this major. A course in the Energy Sciences major will be on Energy Storage, Wind Turbine, Wave Energy, Nuclear Energy, Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, and Geothermal Energy

Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Automotive Battery Management Systems, Aerodynamics, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Mass Transportation are the major skills students will explore in this major. It is aimed to make students the flag bearers of the future of transportation- the electric-powered vehicle. 

Open learning- study only what interests you 

Atria’s system boasts flexible learning pathways, has eliminated traditional methodologies and has introduced open learning. Students can take a look at all the subjects in the first year and for the forthcoming years, they can choose a major that is of interest to them. Atria also subscribes to sprint-style learning through 3-week workshops, project-based learning, and peer-to-peer appraisals.

Delve deeper within 

Through its unique admission process, Atria University enables students to dig deeper into their skill sets and passions and look for their true self. Encouraging an eclectic mix of qualities like determination, self-awareness, leadership, communication, and teamwork, Atria has set itself up to be a breeding ground for future pioneers in innovation. 

 Their admission process involves 3 steps:

  1. Online application
  2. Student Engagement and Interaction Day
  3. Declaration of admissions decisions

Atria University is now accepting applications for the academic year 2020-2021 


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