Alumni Potential Unlocked: Lessons from the East

Alumnati: India’s Best Alumni Networks

Univariety has conscientiously researched across India’s length and breadth to find schools with the best Alumni networks and this is Part II of the V-Part Series.

In Part II, we explore the schools in the East with the best alumni networks. 

Alumni of a school is its greatest asset and leveraging it can have a manifold benefit. 

To leverage the network, it is vital to keep them engaged. 

Schools are now actively engaging with their alumni for the right mentorship, guidance, and support to students. 

Let us take a look at two schools in the East of India who is innovatively engaging with their Alumni

Royal Global School, Guwahati 

royal global school, Guwahati Nestled in a lush, green campus, Royal Global School is not only committed to the academic success of students but also an overall success. 

Student success is facilitated by their career choices post-school for which they receive guidance from their alumni. 

Alumni Chat


Impact of an engaged Alumni Network 

On Students 

Students can get an in-depth analysis of different streams, colleges, and careers. With alumni insights, they are in a position to pan out their immediate future in a college. They also get an idea of the details of the course and the subjects they’d be required to study. 

A clear idea of where alumni are present and the course choices also go a long way in building awareness, expanding the network and creating a connection.

On Schools 

Royal Global School gets access to its alumni population across batches in terms of country, course options. The school can organize alumni meets, receive messages from alumni and keep track on alumni population. 

Alumni can also form a direct connection with the school and send their messages regularly to teachers. 

    Alumni wishes on Teachers’  Day

SAI International School, Bhubaneshwar 

sai international schoolA prominent school in the East that has harnessed its alumni network is SAI International School, Bhubaneshwar. The school engages its alumni and effectively curates the student-alumni discussion based on guidance. 

Students seek guidance directly from their seniors in a hassle-free manner. Students can see the –

  • Country the alumni have chosen 
  • Course preferred by alumni
  • College the alumni chose

Alumni of a School= Natural mentors


Student- Alumni Connect 

Akshat Praneet, an alumnus of SAI International School guides his juniors on how to chart their college paths. He shares his personal experience and gives tips to them through live webinars.

School Management: Pivotal to School Success

Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo, Founder & Chairman of Sai International School

Alumni wishes to teachers

Deep Levels on Engagement

This level of deeper engagement with alumni increases goodwill & creates a connection between students and school that highly benefits the school in better admissions every year. 

Several schools like Miles Bronson, South City international, Sri Sri Academy, The Assam Valley, St Francis De Sales Narengi and others are also strategically engaging with their alumni to enrich students


Is your school alumni network engaged for success?


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