Alumni of a school: It’s brand ambassadors

Alumnati: India’s Best Alumni Networks

Univariety has conscientiously researched across India’s length and breadth to find schools with the best Alumni networks and this is Part III of the V-Part Series.

In Part III, we explore the schools in the North with the best alumni networks.

Alumni network system offers more than just connections, they offer guidance which is pivotal for school and student success. When alumni speak positively about schools, it acts as a huge boost to the school’s reputation and improves the goodwill aspect at large.

Engaged Alumni = Asset for long term growth

Let us look at some schools in North India with exemplary alumni networks

1. Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, Varanasi  

Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions offers its students a holistic guidance experience with a focus on alumni outreach and engagement. The school offers a conducive environment for students and has a well-connected alumni network. The school, has in place, a tech-based platform for alumni engagement and management. 

With a strength of 12,000+ students over 6 core schools, the group has a solid alumni base. They understood the benefits the network could bring to its students. 

Sunbeam group has been engaging with their alumni to channel the potential for success through a four-fold process-

sunbeam school alumni engagement system

Induction as Alumni

The school management has taken steps to keep the alumni connected with the students. Mrs. Amrita Burman, Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group sends out a message to the alumni;

Over 1500+ alumni from Sunbeam Group of Institutions are engaging with their juniors and guiding them in their country, course and career choices.

sunbeam school lahartara alumni engagement

Connect to the School 

Students of Sunbeam group can chat with their alumni, ask them what it is like to be in a certain college or take up a course. Knowing the details from their natural mentors surely helps them understand better.

Participate actively in school events 

Alumni have an affinity for the school and thus keep engaging with school. Say, for example, Teachers’ Day, a campaign by Univariety to bridge the schools and alumni resulted in a flood of wishes.

sunbeam school


Alumni are in a position to influence others over school performance, experience and standards. A certain level of goodwill is generated and this enhances school and student success.sunbeam group of educational institutions

Sunbeam Group has been leveraging its alumni potential, getting the right guidance for its students and steering towards success.

2. All Saints’ College 

Situated in Nainital, All Saints’ College is a premium institution that focuses on the holistic development of students. The school has adopted India’s leading alumni management platform to engage and manage its colossal alumni base. 

The school students are engaging with their alumni to get help for college, career and course options. Alumni are also guiding them in facing college and work life ahead.IFTM university

Students receive in-depth guidance with a tech-enabled platform and can view the countries their seniors are in. This micro-level view and engagement fosters a deep connection between all the stakeholders involved- Students, Alumni and School.alumni engagemnt graph

Students can see the countries alumni are in, ask questions and dispel their doubts. If someone wants info on a college in Australia, they know whom they can connect with facilitating school success. 

If your school engaging its alumni effectively?



To engage your alumni Today 

Watch out for our next featuring schools from South India.


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