Alumni Guidance: The Balancing Act for Better Grades

Alumni is the key to an institution’s growth. They are focused on giving a global experience to their juniors alongside carry the vision of the institution. As an educator, you strive really hard for your school’s success, so are your alumni.

Alumni Management System

The progressive schools of the country realized the need and importance of alumni guidance and installed Alumni Management Systems in their schools. Alumni webinars are pivotal cogs in the wheel of guidance and schools are gradually evolving with these tools

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In the second part of our successful Alumni Guidance series, Ms Kashish Sandhu, an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore harps on the philosophy that “Life is a marathon and not a sprint” and guides her juniors on how to balance the board exam preparation and college applications and admissions with an emphasis on Profile BuildingShe is currently pursuing BA triple major in Communication & Media, English, and Psychology at CHRIST (Deemed to be University).

Her webinar titled, “Balancing Act: Board Exams and College Applications” helps her juniors in navigating through the following domains:

  • How to make a study schedule for board exams and deal with the pressure during Grade 12,
  • How to build a suitable profile as per career choice
  • Identifying the right skills to build a perfect career roadmap along with a special emphasis on the college application process.

In the Q&A section, Kashish answers the queries of many students and throws light on effective CV building and the role of extracurriculars in shaping one’s profile. Watch the webinar here


If you want to make the most of your alumni network, then


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