Alumni Guidance 101: Secrets For a Rewarding Career

Alumni, your school’s former students have an ever-evolving role to play in your school’s success. Leading schools across the country believe in the power of alumni guidance for enabling their current students to make better decisions. Alumni webinars form a part of the latest trend in alumni guidance which is being leveraged by schools to promote alumni-student connect.Top international schools india

scottish high international school

In the first part of our exclusive Alumni Guidance 101 series, we take a sneak peek into how, Ms. Amrita Singh an alumnus of Scottish High International School, Gurgaon helps her juniors in making a career choice for journalism. She currently serves as a journalist for the Business Standard, one of the leading newspapers in the country!

Her webinar titled, “Journalism 101” helps her juniors in navigating the following domains:

  • Understanding journalism and mass communication
  • The changing face of journalism
  • Characteristic traits of a journalist
  • How to get the journalistic flair while in school
  • Future prospects of journalism

Watch the webinar here – 


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