A little India outside India

Situated more than 6000 kilometers away and separated by the roaring waves of the Indian Ocean is a place which smells like India, looks like India and is called as India but is NOT India. If you have not guessed it yet, it’s the little India neighborhood of Singapore that we are talking about.

1). The lights on Diwali

When it comes to lighting and illuminating structures with lights, this neighborhood is nowhere ‘little’, on the contrary it will make Indians envy their beauty and coluorful lights.

2). The colorful temples

The temples in little India are enough to make it the Vatican of sorts, for Hinduism. With towering monolith like structures splashed with colours, these temples are a huge attraction for tourists from all faiths.

3). The ‘thieves’ market’

No, you won’t find any thieves here but you would have, some years ago. The market situated at a short walk away from Dunlop Street used to be famous for selling goods whose origins were dubious. The practice ended but the name remained.

4). Card wielding parrots

Parrots never fail to amuse anyone. Especially if they pull out cards and offer them to their masters who will claim to tell you about what the future has in store for you. However, the parrots’ antics will make you forget about your future.

5). Mustafa centre

A shopping centre which rivals even one of the best foreign malls, Mustafa Centre is compared to America’s Costco with a positive difference that you don’t have to buy things in bulk here. Add this to the fact that it’s open 24 hours.

6). The Tekka market

This is a place that combines different ethnicities in business. You will find eatables, food and other merchandise here apart from general merchandise.


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