9 remarkable inventions from Britain

From the telephone to ATM and light-bulb, to the television, steam engine and disc brakes, we all have heard about the major inventions of Britain. However, these inventions effectively shadowed some other remarkable inventions done by the country’s scientists and innovators. Here are some inventions(Britain) whose practical use has eased our lives in many aspects.

Vacuum Flask:

The thing which provides you with your home’s warmth, thermos, was invented by Sir James Dewar and commercially produced by the Thermos LLC company. Vacuum flask has become an invaluable appliance which can be found in the hands of a labourer to the offices of CEOs and managers.

Sewing machine:

The lifeline of hundreds of tailors and cloth designers,-the sewing machine was also invented in Britain. The inventor was Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal who was awarded the machine’s patent right in 1755.


When the population of mice started to increase rapidly, it posed a grave threat to the human population. A man called James Henry Atkinson came up with an idea to catch mice. No, not arresting them for prosecution but for doing away with them once and for all, and the mousetrap became one of the most required household appliances.

Rubber band:

Its uses are many more than the crude catapult you used to attack your classmates with. And of course, the tiniest but useful rubber bands used not only hold things in place (including the silky hair of girls and ladies) but are also used in big mechanisms such as model boats, etc. Stephen Perry invented these beauties.

Seat belt:

No, they are not silly annoying things in which you are forced by parents or police,; they are life-saving devices. Seat belts have saved thousands of lives in vehicular accidents. Simple in design yet effective in usage, George Cayley is credited for inventing them. (Don’t curse Mr. Cayley if a policeman fines you for not using his invention.)


When a ship or a vessel sank, its passengers usually died soon after they were exposed to the rough waves of the cold waters of the sea. Lionel Lukin came up with a solution and developed life-boats which act as rescue crafts for vessels and ships in distress.

Gas mask:

What to do when you are in an environment with polluted or harmful air? You cannot hold your breath for long (or it will be held forever). John Tyndall came up with the brilliant idea of gas masks.

Light switch:

How many times do you toggle on a light switch each day? Imagine if you had to connect the wires manually, the local hospitals would have needed more beds and a separate department for electrical shocks.

John Henry Holmes invented light switches (hospitals have a reason to thank this man.)


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