8 incredible facts about the world’s leading space agency


They have reached the moon, landed robots on Mars and know more about faraway planets than what you know about your backyard. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, commonly known as NASA is one of the most respected and famous organizations in the world. The reason is simple: they have a habit of doing the unthinkable. However, the constant interactions with the outer space (where things are lighter because of no gravity) seem to have exposed the lighter side of NASA too. Here are some facts to prove it:

1). The truth about the ‘space pen’

Remember the tirades of VIRUS in 3 idiots about the ‘space pen’ which supposedly cost NASA a fortune? Well, it seems VIRUS was wrong (again). The pen didn’t cost NASA 12 million dollars as is famous. The pen was actually designed by the Fisher Company.

2). The heroes who were not insured

One would assume that going on the riskiest mission in the history of mankind is enough to qualify you for insurance. But that was not the case with the Apollo astronauts as they did not qualify for insurance and were not insured by NASA either. Instead, the astronauts signed autographs just before blasting off from Earth, hoping that in case they die, the value of the autographs will rise as fast as their rockets.

3). NASA the careless

It appears you are not the only one who is careless with their possessions. In 2006, NASA admitted that they had accidentally recorded on the original tapes of the moon’s landing!. If NASA had a mom, they would have surely known how serious a crime they had committed.

4). The building with its own weather

The Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre is so huge that it literally has its own weather. With 10,000 tons of air conditioning equipment, the building has 125 ventilators. Sometimes, rain clouds form near the ceiling due to humidity.

5). When NASA was fined for littering

In 1979, the space station Skylab crashed in Australia upon re-entry. The Australian government fined NASA with $400 for littering. Amused? Then read this: the fine remained unpaid for 30 years. A radio host collected the money and paid it on behalf of NASA.

6). When NASA bought items on eBay

With the passage of time, space shuttle electronics became outdated and manufacturers stopped producing them. NASA had to buy spare parts from eBay.

7). Man on Moon comes late

The man who made history by becoming the first human to walk on the moon was really lucky. Neil Armstrong had submitted his NASA application late by a week. However, a friend of his managed to secretly slip his application into the pile.

8). The movie which NASA makes its employees watch

NASA makes its newly joined employees watch the movie Armageddon, not because it’s inspiring, but to let them identify the scientific mistakes done in the film. They have found 168 till now.



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