7 Ways to ‘Architect’ Your Future

Creating spaces that have a purpose – that’s the role of an architect in five words. If being an architect is your career ambition, then you need to be on top of your game.

A degree in architecture will definitely give you the technical knowledge you need. But there are some things you can start doing now while you’re in school to increase your chances of becoming the architect everyone wants to hire.

Here are 7 ways to architect your future:

1. Start thinking like an architect

Start thinking like an architect

When you visit a new place, start dissecting the architectural elements behind it. Make sure you’ve covered all the important monuments in your city or town. Look at them with the eyes of an architect and research on how those structures were made.

Remember all those times your history textbook fascinated you with pictures of Mughal monuments, cave temples, and magnificent forts?

Make a bucket-list of architectural wonders you want to visit and cover them one by one. Try to understand how the builders of the past depicted their culture through their palaces, temples, forts and more.

2. Juggle between Art and Science


Is architecture an art? Or is it a science?

Actually, it’s a combination of both. For an architect, art and science are two sides of the same coin. Develop your knowledge on the creative side of architecture, and expose yourself to the scientific concepts as well. Through this, you will be able to create remarkable structures that incorporate the mathematical, engineering and logical principles of architecture. Take a look at some of the most groundbreaking designs from around the world and read up on how they were engineered: 

3. Building blocks and pens – Make them your go-to objects

Image: www.thestar.com
Make them your go-to objects

Architects are obsessed with creating and building objects. So if you have an idea for a structure in your mind, try it out in simple ways with the help of building blocks. And for this, Lego and Meccano can be your new favorite things. You can even sketch your ideas out on paper. Keep a pen in your pocket at all times and experiment with all the ideas that pop in your mind. Seeing it on paper will help you analyze it critically. And the more you experiment, the clearer you will be with your ideas.

4. Challenge yourself


Whenever you visit a new place or a new building, observe the structure and try to reimagine it in your own way. Challenge yourself to put your own style to that building. For instance, if you’re visiting a mall, think of how you would re-design it your way, or how would you put a unique spin on your residential area. Grab that pen in your pocket and start sketching away!
You might even be able to add some of your designs to your portfolio as well!

5. Read, learn and then read some more


If there’s a new trend in the world of architecture, make sure you know about it. Read as much as you can about what’s been done in architecture, learn about the designs and techniques that are tried, tested and recommended, and read some more about the latest trends. You never know what will inspire you and what might lead to your ‘Eureka!’ moment.

Keep these blogs bookmarked and read them every chance you get:

  • lifeofanarchitect.com – Includes musings of an architect and gives you a sense of what it’s like to be in this field.
  • Visually shows you different stages of projects, and includes a number of architecture illustrations and tutorials.

6. Subscribe to expert videos

A video a day keeps doubts away.

You will find plenty of architecture-related videos online in no time. Subscribe to some of the architects you find most interesting on YouTube. When you see the concepts visually presented to you, it will be easier for you to understand. While some may be technical, you will still understand the basics of what goes into making a building look a certain way.

Subscribe to:

7. Go one step ahead:


There’s no limit to learning. Find online courses that are most suitable to you and take them up. These courses can introduce you to some of the beginner concepts of architecture, and also give you a sense of what you’re in store for when you start pursuing your degree. Online Courses 

In addition to this, take up internship opportunities so that you can see first-hand what it’s like to be an architect. This will help you pick up some skills and meet professionals from the industry too.


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