7 types of teachers whom students never forget

Teachers are people whom students never forget. The reason may be anything from boring lectures and occasional punishments to the memorable dialogues and their appearances. However, it takes certain special qualities for a teacher to be etched in a student’s memory –positively- forever.

A simple way to understand this is:  just think about your favorite teacher(s) and you will surely find them fitting in at least one of the following traits. These are the traits and teacher types that students never forget and remember with respect throughout their lives.

  1. Who make their students laugh

Students never forget teachers who make them laugh. In fact, teachers who are funny and use their sense of humour in class, attract more attention from the students. Generally, teachers are monotonous in their way of teaching; therefore, a teacher who breaks this norm is instantly liked by students.

  1. Who truly believe in what they do

Remember that teacher who was so enthusiastic about teaching that they were like walking encyclopedias in their particular subject? And remember that teacher who never seemed to like taking classes and snapped if asked a question? Which one do you remember more positively? Obviously, the former.

Teachers who are enthusiastic about their occupation are always noticed by students and they earn their respect.

  1. Who listen as much as they speak

Teaching is not all about speaking and lecturing. It actually involves more interaction with students than we tend to believe. You lecture your students for one hour and their heads will start lolling in boredom Even if you are a Nobel Laureate, they will remember you only for that boring lecture.

On the contrary, interact with them, talk to them, ask their opinions and let them ask you questions and they will always remember you as the ‘friendly’ teacher.

  1. Who know and understand their students

Getting to know your students personally will go a long way in endearing you to them. Little things like getting to know them in one-on-one sessions, discussing things apart from academics (like their hobbies and interests, etc.) will make them like and respect you more.

If you assign work for students and they fail to do it because of some genuine reason and you sympathize and understand their predicament, they will always hold you in high esteem.

  1. Who speak the students’ language

Talk to them in the language they understand, use words from the movies they love and the shows they watch and they will accept you as “one of their own.”

Continue using the bookish language (which, no doubt, might be excellent in terms of language) the students will just tune you out and daydream about the food stall outside the school gate.

  1. Who trust and respect their students

Nobody likes to be bossed around; even if they are students, decades younger than you. Teachers who respect their students; take them in confidence instead of ordering them to do something, are never forgotten by students. Students often have to deal with bossy behavior from elders; anyone who treats them differently will naturally earn more respect and adoration from them.

  1. Who are powerful but know when and how to exercise their power

And lastly, it’s essential to understand that having power and using it wisely is something that is not easy to do. A teacher who listens to teachers all the time will be seen as a weakling by students while the one who always wants to implement their thoughts on students will be considered autocratic. Good teachers always find the correct line of balance between these two things and tread it very carefully.


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