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7 things to consider seriously before choosing a career

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When you choose a career, you are not just choosing an area of study; you are choosing your future. Career exploration is an important aspect of every student’s life. The more you explore, the better are your chances of coming across options that are suitable for you. However, a career is not something you jump in through a leap of faith. Before choosing a career or a certain field, the following things are to be taken into consideration.

Your skills


The first thing to determine before you choose a career is your skills and strengths. Identify any area of study or subject in which you are good or comparatively better. What are your talents? What abilities of yours have you consistently maintained? Identifying them is the first step while choosing your career.

Your passions


The next thing to consider is your areas of interest. Skills and interests are not the same. You may have good driving skills but you may not be interested in becoming a driver, likewise, you may be interested in painting as an artist but you may not have such skills. So, it’s essential that you identify your passions and interests while keeping in mind that skills and interests are two different things.

The demand

It won’t do you any good if your skills are extraordinary but don’t match those which the job market is currently demanding. You must know which careers are being sought after and which have lost their sheen.



The career which you are looking to pursue, do you have the means to train for it? Do you possess resources to fund your education to get into that profession? If not, then what are the ways to fund your education and how can you apply for them?

Pay and remuneration


The career which you plan to pursue, does it offer enough remuneration to take care of all your needs? Would the pay be enough to satisfy you? Taking this into consideration is also important.



.Job satisfaction is equally important. Sooner or later, either the deliberate efforts you make for the job will collapse and/or you will start to hate your job.

Are there chances of advancement?

The last but not the least thing to take into consideration: does the career you want to pursue have possibilities of growth? Will it increase your knowledge, skills and future prospects of advancement in the field?

It is important to be realistic when choosing a career. Students should choose a career that can satisfy their talents and interests along with providing the required financial and other kinds of security. The sole reason why career counselling for college students is considered important is that it lets them make an informed choice.


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