6 British traditions that will amaze you

Rich in history and known for spreading its tentacles far and wide in the world, Britain was once the empire where the sun never set. Now known as the United Kingdom (UK), it has some very interesting traditions which will either amuse you, scare you or baffle you.

The following traditions highlight the interesting and rich culture of Britain(British).

1). Carrying the most valuable (and explosive) thing: your wife

If running alone is not fun enough for you then this is the ultimate race for you. Hosted in Nower, Dorking, this race requires men to carry their wives over a 380m hilly course. So, technically, you should be married to participate. And there is another condition, your better half must be at least 50kgs or above in weight or else you will have to carry baked bean cans. Speak about combining romance with sport! (Don’t even dare to drop the luggage, you know the consequences)

2). Flirting with earthworms!

It takes great skills to charm a fellow human being but how does one charm an earth-worm? For those who are interested, there is a competition for even this, that too with a set of 18 rules. One rule states that music of any kind can be used to lure the worms out. In 1980, a man named Tom S. Botham managed to lure 511 worms in 30 minutes. A true ‘worm-charmer’!

3). Partner with pole

Do you think dancing with a human is too mainstream? Well, you are in luck because in this dance, your partner (along with other people) is a maypole. The maypole dancing is a famous tradition in the UK(British) in which dancers dance around a maypole with long ribbons. Sounds easy? It won’t when you try to unwind those ribbons by retracing all the dance steps.

4). Rolling down a hill for a piece of cheese

If you are strong, fast and love cheese, this is where you should try your strength. Gloucestershire, where you run (or roll) down a steep hill. The prize: an 8-pound pie of local cheese.

5). Straw bear festival

Held on the borders of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, this festival of straw bear witnesses much fanfare. A man or a boy dresses from head to toe in straw (becoming a straw bear) and goes from home to home where he collects gifts and food. The festival signifies the start of ploughing month and farmers save the best straw to dress the ‘bear’.

6). Toe wrestling

Everyone must have used those old study desks in the library for hand-wrestling but have you heard about toe-wrestling? This game was invented by four drunkards in Wetton, Staffordshire in 1974. The reason? All four were mourning the fact that the UK(British) didn’t have any world champions. So, logically, with its origin being the UK(British), people thought that the game will be dominated by champions of the UK until a Canadian competed and won. And the game was discontinued (officially).


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