5 Ways to Get into Ivy League Schools

Getting into an Ivy League school is everybody’s dream for those who want to study in America. But not everyone gets there easily. It is not because of a lack of talent or intelligence but a need for some tips up your sleeve that you can use to get into an Ivy League school.

1) Start early:

The first step to secure admissions in Ivy Leagues is to start well in advance. A student must start preparing at least one year in advance before applications start getting available. You must not only focus on academics but look at improving your resume by getting actively involved in extra-curricular activities and sports.

2) Be in the good books of athletic recruiters/coaches:

If you think your hobbies like sports, dancing, music, debating, elocution, etc are just things to be done at leisure, think again. Get serious about them and make sure you build good relations with your coaches because Ivy Leagues look for candidates who are not only well rounded but can demonstrate exceptional achievements. Maintaining good relations with coaches will give you good references.

3) Intern with a professor:

Many universities offer summer programs that you can attend to catch a glimpse of the course structure and college life. Do an internship under a professor to strengthen your chances of getting into your dream university. Look up the college website, write to a professor you’d want to intern with, and start a dialogue. If you strike a chord, you can get stellar letters of recommendation from them!

4) Know the Ivy Leagues:

The Ivies are very different from one another. Cornell offers a traditional public school feel and a larger student body. Brown has an open curriculum, enabling students to study what they choose. You should consider each Ivy League school as a separate entity and focus on applying to the college that would be the best match for you.

5) Ask for help:

This is the most important tip to remember because applying to Ivy Leagues, especially from Indian students, can be awfully stressful. You will need help from all quarters and you mustn’t hesitate to take it. Talk to school counsellors for advice on improving scores or refer to websites that help you with your Statement of Purpose and other admission formalities.



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