5 Ways to Convince Your Parents about your Career Choices

Research shows that family matters a lot when it comes to student aspirations. Indian parents still hold the upper hand in the career choice of their children, and 45% of the students feel that their parents have a final say in their career decision and a small percentage of 15% believe they get their due importance before their parents finalize on something for them. The alarming question is whether parents babysitting their teen kids is a good or a bad sign?

One quick thing that crosses your mind is that parents have experience and they know more of you. Does knowing more mean that they really know the real you? If you feel there is a kind of disconnect in the way they perceive things, then here’s a guidebook to communicating with your parents.

These 5 ways can help you plug in the communication leaks and walk your way into your dream career by convincing your parents.

1) Understand their expression of love

Understand their expression of love
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First and foremost, understand that your parents love you and their intention is to do good in your life. They support you in the best and worst of times, and always keep you as their top priority. So, talk to them to understand what they seriously have on their minds when they propose a career option to you. When their choice and yours are falling on different ends of the spectrum, think of a way to align it as per your wish. If it’s not possible, then go to the next phase of discussing it with your parents.

2) Keep your portfolio ready

Keep your portfolio ready
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While talking to your parents, take out a thing or two from your portfolio to add authenticity to your claims. If you are aspiring to go fo Fine Arts or Fashion Design, then show them your prowess in sketching. If you want to take up Journalism or Creative writing as a career option, then keep all your blogs and articles ready to validate your passion. When you talk to your parents, they will be amazed to see the skills which you have grown for a long time. Then it’s easier to convince them that you want to stick to them for the rest of your life.

3) All that matters is how you convey it

Your parents want you to become an engineer and you want to become a film-maker. He starts convincing you about the perks of becoming an engineer – job opportunities, foreign education, among others. Then you should have done your homework and been in a position to talk about career opportunities and tie them to your interest and happiness in the field. If your parents are more concerned about the placements, then position your passion towards filmmaking accordingly and talk about joining studios or production houses after your graduation. You can very well knock the door of a career counsellor for a great piece of advice.

4) Get some ‘you and me’ time

Get some ‘you and me’ time
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No matter how hard you try to communicate with your parents there’s an imaginary wall that doesn’t allow you to pour your heart out. Then find commonality and try to work on something together. There can be many things you enjoy doing with your parents, so pick the best one. This helps you bond with them and slowly reveal your decision. Like the way, Sunil Dutt from Sanju talks about the ustaads (songs) of motivation and ensures that his son listens to them, find one thing that your father loves to do and be a part of it.

5) Show your respect and value their suggestions

They say respect is a two-way street. And this becomes paramount when it comes to talking to your parents. Irrespective of the result, maintain a polite tone while talking to them. They see you as a reflection of themselves self and you ensure that they earn their respect. You can switch off all the gadgets and give a patient hearing to them when they talk and shouldn’t rush them through the process of accepting your choices. These little gestures create a giant impact on their thought process and earn brownie points for you.

In the end, always keep reminding yourself to drive the implicit message with charming explicit communication. Keep things subtle and to the point. Also, keep a close look at this guide to walk your way into your dream career!

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