5 things you didn’t know about Cambridge University

One of the oldest and most revered universities across the globe, Cambridge University is also one of the most sought after educational institutions in the world. Established at the beginning of the 13th century (1209), Cambridge has a long and rich history which has made it a legend in the educational world.

The following are some interesting facts about Cambridge University which will leave you amazed.
The chain reaction:

The most interesting fact about Cambridge is that it was founded by an association of Oxford scholars who had some dispute with the people there. So, technically, the alumni of Oxford founded Cambridge and then later an alumnus of Cambridge, John Harvard founded Harvard University in the US.

The ‘Nobel’ kings:

Nobel prizes

Cambridge has the highest number of Nobel laureates for any university in the world. With a presence in all 6 disciplines, its alumni have won 89 Nobel prizes till now while Oxford has only 58. Cambridge also holds the record for the highest number of Nobel prizes in Physics which are 29.

The abode of legends:


Cambridge has produced some of the best scholars in the world. Its alumni include legends such as John Maynard Keynes (famous economist), Charles Darwin (renowned geologist who explained evolution), Sir Isaac Newton (known for explaining gravity),Stephen Hawking (famous cosmologist who made a breakthrough in study of black holes), Sarojini Naidu (famous poet and Indian freedom fighter) and Charles Babbage (known for inventing the computer).

The bridge Sir Isaac Newton did not build:


There is a wooden bridge at Cambridge which was designed in such a way that it hangs on gravity, without any screws or bolts to support or reinforce its structure. It’s called the Mathematical Bridge and according to a famous myth, it was built by Sir Isaac Newton. However, the bridge was designed by William Etheridge and built by James Essex in 1749.

The greatest irony:

The last all-male college in Cambridge to accept women was Magdalene in 1988. Is it ironic that Magdalene is the name of the famous female figure in Christianity?

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