5 Smart Ways To Get Into Top Colleges and Universities

How often do you picture yourself in the halls of your Top colleges?
Do you often daydream of sitting in the classrooms of some of the top universities in the country?

Or around the world?

Then what you need are some smart methods that can add to your chances of getting into the universities you REALLY want to study in.

Getting admission in one of the top universities comes with a world of benefits – it acts as a launch-pad to a successful future, it gives you access to quality education and experience, and on your graduation day, you will leave as an alumnus of a prestigious institution. 

Here are 5 smart ways that you probably didn’t think of while looking at top colleges admissions:

  1. The Transfer Route: Transferring to your best-fit college requires proper understanding of the transfer information. It may not be like a regular college application, because your school grades might take a back-seat and the focus may be on your performance in the institute you study in before the transfer. So keep up your grades to meet the requirements. Entrance exam scores, like SAT or IELTS, may also be evaluated.
Things to keep in mind:
      • Ask for help as and when required. Keep in touch with your counsellors, and make sure to be in the loop with the admission counsellor of the institute you want to transfer to.
      • Get all the answers to your questions, and have a clear-cut timeline for your transfer, including application date, deadline for document submission, etc.
      • Understand the manner in which your credits will be transferred to the new college. Different institutes will have different ways of approaching this.
      • Don’t be the new-comer for too long. Once you have transferred, make sure you are involved in social opportunities and college activities to make up for a lost time.
  1. The 3-2 Plan: If you’d like to test the waters in Liberal Arts first, and then dive into engineering, this one’s a great option for you. You can start off by spending three years in a Liberal Arts college, and then transfer to a top engineering school.
Things to keep in mind:
      • Make sure that your dream college offers this option.
      • Understand the criteria to transfer and the eligibility requirements to be accepted into the second institution.

Few institutions that offer such programs:

      • Columbia
      • Caltech
      • Washington University
  1. Conditional Admission: When you’re applying to foreign universities, you may receive conditional admission. This may happen when you are falling short in particular eligibility criteria or language qualifications. And once you make up for it, you will be admitted to the institute.
Things to keep in mind:
      • Once the school communicates to you exactly what needs to be done, understand the process and fulfill the requirements.
      • Achieve a strong qualifying score if you are required to write an English-proficiency test, or positively complete an English-Language program if you are required to.
  1. Second-Semester Admission: Some American universities take in students twice a year, namely for the Fall semester (which typically starts in September) and the Spring semester (which typically starts in January).
Things to keep in mind:
      • Make sure that the college you want to apply to offers the course you want in the spring semester.
      • Your admission timeline will have to adapt to the dates of the spring semester (as application deadlines will be different for the fall semester and the spring semester).
      • Scholarship opportunities are harder to find for spring semesters when compared to those available for fall semesters. So factor in this point before applying.
  1. Apply Early: Being the early bird has its own pros and cons. An ‘Early Decision’ admission has an earlier deadline than regular applicants, which means if you’re admitted, you can do away with your college admission hassles early on. However, some colleges make admission binding, which means that you will have to withdraw your application from other colleges and take up Early Decision admission.
Things to remember:
      • Make sure you have written the required entrance exams (like SAT) well in advance so that you have your scores in time for the deadline.
      • The admission can be binding, so make sure that you have the financial bandwidth and the utmost interest to join the top colleges if you get the admission.

Few universities that offer this:

      • Brown University
      • NYU
      • University of Pennsylvania


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