5 exciting traditional sports from India

Since the advent of the computer, sports and games have suffered a huge setback as kids and even teenagers prefer to play in virtual fields with their backs not leaving the comfortable chairs and couches.

However, many people do not realise that there are many games of Indian origin which will bring them more enjoyment than FIFA 2015 or Call Of Duty. Some are so interesting and funny that a simple game will leave you and your friends in fits of laughter. An important factor in these games is that they do not require much equipment to play with. Many can be played even in enclosed places.

Following is a list of five Sports which were originated in India and were played by every kid down the street before Xbox and consoles took over.


Also referred to as Lingorchya and Pittu, Lagori is an exciting game played between two teams. A team tries to hit 7 piled discs of stone or wood. Once the discs fall, the team has to try to put it back in order while the opponents have to distract them from doing so. Great hilarity ensues when players try to hit the defending team members with the ball.


Another interesting game, Kho Kho is the second most played traditional game in India after Kabaddi. It is played between two teams, consisting of 12 players each. Nine players enter the field and avoid getting touched by the members of the opposite team with planned movements and strategic maneuvers.

The game develops mental and physical agility as players have to move around quickly and outplay the opponents.


A hilarious name for an interesting game, ‘Gilli Danda’ means bail and stick. A small wooden bail curved at the ends is hit across the field with a wooden stick as far as it can be hit. The farther a player hits it, the more points they get. The interesting thing about ‘Gilli Danda is that the bail cannot be touched by anything else than the stick.


Also known as Hopscotch, this game is quite simple yet funny. Players toss a certain object (a small flat stone or piece of wood) in boxes drawn on the floor and hop to retrieve it from their foot. The players have to go hopping with one foot suspended in the air and cannot touch the lines of the boxes.

There are different versions of Kith Kith with variations in the modes of playing them.


The most famous sport among the traditional sports in India, Kabaddi is widely known as the game of power. It’s played between two teams consisting of seven players each. Each team takes turns and sends a ‘raider’ in the opponents’ court who tries to touch as many players as possible before returning to their court while the opponents try to catch them.

The recently organised national level Kabaddi tournament took the country and media by the storm. The Pro Kabaddi was organised in a bid to revive this national name.


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