5 Dilemmas Students Face and How a Teacher Can Resolve Them

Teaching and learning are no doubt the best activities as they help in developing the future. However, both learning and teaching are the most challenging activities too. Students are more vulnerable to problems and dilemmas as they are younger and less mature than teachers.

The following are some of the problems usually faced by students and how you, as a teacher, can help solve them.

  1. Psychological issues

Students often face mental problems which may range from family issues to loneliness. As a teacher, it’s not only important that you identify such students but also help them in overcoming their problems. Usually, such students are silent, more reserved, and are afraid of mingling with others.

The most important thing such students need is a person who can empathise with them, understand their problems, and guide them. And who better than their teacher to do it?

  1. Lots of distractions

Gone are the days when students studied for hours and had nothing to distract them. However, now, times have changed. With TV, smartphones, and computers, students find it hard to concentrate on books and papers.

The best way to counter this is: making the studies more interesting. Use the technological means at your disposal so that students don’t feel like they are traveling back in time whenever they enter their classrooms. The use of multimedia tools, audios, videos, and PowerPoint presentations are some examples of this.

  1. Boring classes

When we say boring, it doesn’t mean the absence of computers or huge screens. What students consider boring is the mindless droning of lessons. Many students don’t take an interest in their studies despite having a sharp mind and a good grasping power, why? Because they don’t find the classes engaging.

Apart from using technological means, teachers should be more interacting with students to engage them in the classes.

  1. Fast-paced course work

It happens more when the exams are nearing. Teachers increase the pace of the studies so rapidly that many students are unable to keep up with it. The result? They just stop trying and deem themselves to be failures.

Even if an increase in the pace is required, teachers should make sure that no one feels left behind. Students who are unable to keep up can be paired with those who are able to do so as it may encourage them and also let them get help from their peers.

  1. Lack of guidance, about future and higher education

A lot of students study just because they are sent to schools by their parents. Many of them have no idea how their studies are going to benefit them. Apart from this, every student has a dream of becoming something when they grow up. But as they don’t know how their dreams are connected with their studies, they don’t pay much attention to it.

If students are given proper career guidance if their teachers explain to them time and again as to how studies the most important role in shaping their future, they will automatically start taking interest in academics and won’t have to be forced to do so.

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