4 Things for a High-Flying Unconventional Career Choice

One question that may take lots of calculations and considerations to answer is when your parents ask “Beta, badey hoke kya banoge?”

The question resonates in our lives as Thanos’ voice peals through the universe. As you figure out a way to identify the ideal career choice, there is always an itch to think beyond the conventions and try something that offers more intrinsic value. That prompts you to chart an unconventional terrain. The word unconventional in terms of careers can be quite subjective. Also, it’s a tough call in terms of whether you want to be a product of the environment or make the environment a product of you.

Though the classic debate between traditional and unconventional still persists, let’s see what you should do once you have decided to pursue an unconventional career.

1) Secure an internship

The first step to your unconventional career course is to secure an appropriate internship that gives you hands-on experience. You can start this in your school as and when you get some time; you can moonlight for experience and extra bucks.

Secure an internship

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer, secure an internship with an expert in the field and assist him. This adds to your work experience and helps you build contacts. You can also start small by taking a few works. If you want to become a sportswriter, you can start blogging about sports. An internship is key to making a mark in your unconventional career space. It’s easy to find the job of a legal associate than to find a place for a Jazz musician.

Yes, you can relate to the woes of Sebastian from La La Land.

2) Find a good Mentor:

In Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda shows his wisdom by mentoring Luke with the lines “Do. Or do not. There is no try” and helps him focus on his present. You need such a mentor at crucial stages of life. For many, the mentors are their parents, friends and senior persons in the family. They handhold and guide you on your career path.

Find a good Mentor

When you pick up a traditional career path, finding mentorship is not difficult. However, when you choose an off-beat career, you may struggle to find a mentor. So, enhance your social presence – Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and connect with experts who can be good mentors for you. Like the way Tony Stark drew some contours to the young Spiderman’s exuberance, you need someone who can rightfully say how and when to draw the line.

3) Prepare your family:

Another challenge you face while picking up an unconventional career path is to prepare and convince your family of your decision. If your family members haven’t heard of your career path or they are lovers of traditional careers, you may find this process a little tough. Tell them your interests and goals, and how you can realize them with your choice of career.

Prepare your family

Do some proper homework for Plan B and Plan C when you face your family to ensure a smooth transition. Figure out all the job opportunities, expected salary, and career progression, and keep them in writing so that you are comfortable talking to them, and they can also refer back to your research when in doubt. All you need is to muster some courage and discuss your decision with your family.

4) Self-training:

In an unconventional career space that’s challenging and constantly evolving, you have to be on your toes, beefing up the learning curve. Start early with some online courses on Udemy, Coursera, and other online resources to equip yourself with all the required ammo. If you want to venture out on your own and get into a self-employed role, things can be tougher as you have to build a good portfolio and market yourself. So the deeper the learning, the higher will be your chances of finding work.


The unique quotient you possess can add to your chances of getting rewards. The exclusive bunch of people with special skills and talents is difficult to find, so you are suitably rewarded for your work. Think of the Avengers squad, if a superhero loses the job, it’s difficult or next to impossible to find a replacement. With a special skill set and constant upgradations, your career tunnel is always illuminated with arc lights.



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